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"They say there are two sides to everything. But there is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side"

While trading it is important to be on the correct side of the trend. Our unique training program takes you through important steps to identify trend and their possible reversals. The 7-day (2 weekend days of theory + 5 days of practical trading in our office) program introduces 5 best trading set ups used frequently by Mitesh Thacker himself.

The program shall focus on the following 5 trading set ups:
1. Pattern Trading.
2. Short term trading using intraday charts.
3. Trading Gaps.
4. Identifying medium term trends on weekly charts.
5. Trading options on multiple parameters.

The two-day session is then followed by trading these set ups live in our office. Our Knowledge head Mr. N Narayan along with Mitesh Thacker shall be monitoring these set ups as and when they occur and facilitate trading for participants.

Once all the 5 set ups are covered it will be followed by an hour on money management (risk management) rules as used by Mitesh Thacker.

For more course details please contact Mr. N. Narayan on following numbers:
91-22-40156284/ 6286, +91-22-40225054

Course Fees:

1. For full program - Weekend Theory sessions and trading in office - Rs.35000+ taxes.
2. For weekend Theory sessions only (online support is provided for participants via live chat) - Rs.30000 + taxes.
3. Candidates who want to join Training and Mentoring course will get 25% discount on Research Services.

** Participants are also eligible for following extra offers:
A one-year free subscription to one trading call on daily basis from
A surprise gift.
If you wish to take referral benefits by suggesting participants, kindly get in touch with Mr. N. Narayan on phone numbers listed above.

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Re-take Course Policy

Anyone wishing to take a re-take the course already completed would get 50% discount to the prevailing rates of the course (excluding applicable taxes) **
** Subject to availability of seats for the course

Cancellation Policy

1. Charges once paid are non refundable.
2. Once registered for a course, the Registration cannot be cancelled.
3. Postponement to join a stipulated batch is permissible, however only once. A prior intimation for postponement needs to be communicated to us at least 3 days before commencement of the training.
4. The course fee includes lunch along with tea / coffee for both days.

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